Our Impact

our impact

By providing an alternative source of income for marginalized women, we can lessen the likelihood that these women will be re-victimized or become victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation or Trafficking. Not only does this transform the lives of these women, but their children as well.

Since partnering with Malia Designs, our producer groups have increased both their work force and salaries. With your support we can continue changing women’s lives for the better!

Malia Designs is also dedicated to increasing awareness about Human Trafficking through educational outreach. We provide information with each purchase about our mission and frequently participate in outreach and educational events around the country.

Malia Designs’ philanthropic efforts take the fight against Human Trafficking a step further by donating to organizations that fight Child Trafficking. Together with Stop Traffick, our fundraising arm, we have raised over $85,000 for organizations in Cambodia and Chicago that fight Human Trafficking.

Through your purchase of Malia Designs, you too can “Carry a Cause” and make a difference in the lives of women and children in Cambodia and around the world.