Our Design Philosophy

cambodiarecycled rice bags recycled cement bags raw silk


The inspiration for Malia’s designs often comes from Cambodia itself. Whether traveling through the Angkor temples or the streets of Phnom Penh; color, texture and culture abound.


Recycled Feed Bag Collection: originally used to house a grain that is fed to farmed fish in Vietnam, this colorful, lightweight, durable and water-resistant material is recycled into fun, fashion forward handbags great for everyday use.

Recycled Cement Bag Collection: These fun, funky and durable bags originate in Thailand are are used to house–you guessed it–cement! Hand sewn by Cambodian artisans, we’ve repurposed them to create original totes and shoulder bags.

Signature Wallet Collection: made from Chinese Silk and hand screen-printed, this fabric’s texture and durability is reminiscent of canvas. This season’s swirl print was inspired was inspired by the unique and decorative carving on a silver bowl found at the local market in Phnom Penh.

Cotton Screen Print Collection: the hand screen-printed cotton collection changes seasonally. 2013’s spring collection gwas inspired by the decorative design on a statue that looks out over the mighty Mekong on the river walk in central Phnom Penh.

Fine and Raw Silk: Locally produced, the rich hues and texture of Southeast Asian silk provide the framework for beautifully crafted bags that are perfect for a special occasion or an evening on the town.

Our Design Team

Malia Designs’ team of designers is made up of Cambodian and US-based designers. Together, we bring a unique blend of Eastern and Western design philosophies to our collections.