Malia Designs created Stop Traffick as a grassroots effort to raise awareness and funds for the fight against Human Trafficking in Cambodia and Chicago. The mission of Malia Designs is to work locally to increase economic opportunity for women in Cambodia, creating a viable alternative to the lure of potential traffickers who promise well-paying jobs outside of the victims’ home villages. Malia Designs already donates a portion of its profits to organizations fighting human trafficking worldwide, and Stop Traffick goes above and beyond that by holding fundraisers that raise money to finance specific projects for these organizations.

Today, millions of people worldwide are affected by human trafficking – what some call "modern-day slavery." In most parts of the world, human trafficking is tied to broader issues of poverty, corruption, and political transition, and disproportionately affects women and children. The global economic crisis has increased the suffering of those affected. Many worthy organizations are fighting trafficking – currently, we support two of them, Goutte d’Eau in Cambodia and CAASE in Chicago. 

In 2011, the Stop Traffick benefit raised money for Goutte d’Eau, and also helped victims of trafficking closer to home at Chicago's CAASE (Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation. We raised $13,000 for these two important organizations. For more information about our annual benefit and the organizations we donate to, please visit our Stop Traffick Benefit page.