A Love Letter to Fair Trade

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Dear Fair Trade –

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you! Thank you for bringing attention to the people around the world, who without you, often work in exploitative and unsafe conditions.

Thank you for pointing out the true costs of goods in global supply chains and helping us realize that when it goes to cheap mass produced consumer goods, somewhere, someone is paying a price (and it’s typically the workers, not to mention our planet).

fair trade hearts

We couldn’t fit all of our love for fair trade onto these hearts, so we wrote a letter. . .

Thank you for being a social justice movement and an alternative business model. We don’t believe that capitalism can ever be “woke”, but we love your focus on trade serving the people of this planet. We don’t believe that you can have a more just and fair society or world without you.

You are for everyone! It’s one of the things we love most about you. You empower women. You respect cultural diversity. You help sustain traditional art forms of cultures from around the globe. You help the western world realize the impact of consumerism, and give all people a way to vote with their dollars.

You are even great for kids. You have absolutely zero tolerance for child labor and because you offer fair wages and empower women, families can afford to send their kids to school. Through fair trade employment, artisans and farmers around the world are breaking the cycle of poverty and giving their kids a better life.

thistle farms

Local children celebrating at Damnok Toek

Thank you for standing up for gender equality and saying no to discrimination! Women and men work equally within fair trade organizations and are not discriminated against based on gender, age, religion or other personal orientation.

You respect and love our planet and understand that it’s the only one we’ve got. Fair trade producers maximize the use of raw materials from sustainably managed sources and buy local whenever possible. They use production technologies that seek to reduce energy consumption and reduce, reuse, reclaim, and recycle materials wherever possible.

Your products are truly amazing! Purchasing fair trade means a high quality and hand crafted item that is often desired on aesthetics alone. There are so many amazing fair trade brands with truly top notch design standards. As more and more fair trade brands find a successful path into the global marketplace our fair trade choices get better and better.

tie dye clutch

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And lastly, thank you for being a sustainable way to provide economic opportunity and hope for marginalized people in some of the poorest communities worldwide. Not only does fair trade employment provide for the basic material needs of day-to-day life for workers in these communities, fair trade jobs create respect, confidence and leadership within these communities. We are so proud to be a fair trade brand and so grateful to experience the positive impact that fair trade has on the lives of our artisan partners in Cambodia. Fair trade, you are the definition of win-win and you forever have our hearts!

The Malia Team

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