When you #CARRYACAUSE with Malia Designs you support small businesses here in the US and in Cambodia. Our fair trade business model makes this possible, but what else does fair trade mean?

Fair Trade businesses aim to combat poverty by providing a fair, livable wage for all workers, ensuring safe working conditions, empowering the disadvantaged to be active players in their workplaces, aiding community development efforts, respecting cultural identity, and promoting environmentally-sound business practices. It is a sustainable way to provide economic opportunity and hope for marginalized people in some of the poorest communities worldwide.

Fair Trade is:


a consumer movement

We, as consumers, can use our buying power to alter the global economy.

a system of global commerce

The current global economy does not adequately address the needs of the most vulnerable.

an alternative business model

One  that seeks to empower producers and artisans to lift themselves out of poverty.

a tool for international development

Contributing to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions for people and the planet.

a social justice movement

Helping to secure the rights of marginalized producers and workers.

based on dialogue, transparency and respect

It shows how a successful business can also put people first, while still making a profit.

With every Malia Designs purchase you help:



combat child labor

Secure and fairly paid employment helps our artisan partners send their children to school.

fight global poverty

By purchasing with purpose you empower marginalized communities.

make the world a little greener

All of our materials are sustainably sourced and many are recycled.

stand up for gender equality

You help to fight sexism and provide independence for vulnerable women.

fund anti-trafficking efforts

We’ve donated over $160,000 to organizations in Cambodia and the US.

support small independent designers

Both here in the US and Cambodia!

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