New Damnok Toek Scholarship Program

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Malia Designs social mission supports the fight against Human Trafficking in Cambodia. For the past 9 years we have partnered with Damnok Toek an NGO that operates three child centers that help rescue and rehabilitate victims of child trafficking in Cambodia. The objective of Damnok Toek is to prevent child trafficking, rehabilitate its victims, and to reintegrate them into Khmer society.

Damnok Toek was established as a Non Governmental Organization in 1997 to assist vulnerable children and their families throughout Cambodia. In 1999, they implemented a program aimed at rescuing and rehabilitating child trafficking victims. More than 1,500 children per day are cared for with the support of 100 employees and three technical advisers.

damnok toek

Visiting Damnok Toek’s Director, Dr. Rith at the Phnom Penh Center

Damnok Toek’s Objectives:

– Prevention of child-abuse, substance abuse and child trafficking (internal and cross-border trafficking)

– Rehabilitation of under-age substance abusers and traumatized children

– Integration of neglected children and street-children into Khmer society through informal education (day-care center and vocational training) and formal (public school) education

– Reintegration of trafficked and runaway children into their culture, their villages, and, if possible, their families of origin

Damnok Toek Party

Local children gather in celebration at a Damnok Toek center

Damnok Toek’s holistic approach includes a wide array of services. These services include drop-in centers, a rehabilitation center, clinics, counseling, art therapy, outreach in the streets and communities, non-formal and formal education, and vocational training.

Our past donations have provided beds for the dormitories, where previously children slept on the floor, contributed to the purchase of a new van so that reliable transportation was always available, supplies for vocational training and education, contributions to clean drinking water sources and much much more.

It has been a tremendously rewarding experience to work closely with Damnok Toek—to get to see the children grow and thrive—and most importantly receive the care and resources they need to enable future independence.

Damnok Toek Party

We are proud to be a long time support of Damnok Toek!

On our most recent trip to Cambodia we learned of an exciting opportunity to create a scholarship program for girls—filling in a much needed gap in the vocational training that Damnok Toek is currently able to provide. In Cambodia (and much of the developing world), girls lack access to financial capital and have limited opportunities to gain education, knowledge, and skills that can lead to economic advancement. Inadequate policy frameworks and inequitable gender norms also often create barriers to girls’ economic advancement.

Damnok Toek Party

Our new scholarship program for girls will provide vocational training

This new program will cover the costs for 37 girls to attend both tailoring and beauty classes. It will also provide meals and basic services and both job placement assistance and small business start up guidance. There is such great synergy with this new program and our overall mission that we can hardly contain our excitement! We look forward to its start and will be sure to share more as the program becomes a reality!

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